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Shoulder Fractures
[OCOSH Code: D012784 23406007 S42 WI_FR_SH]

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Clavicle Fractures (21)
Internet resources relating to Clavicle Fractures
MeSH Search Term "Clavicle/injuries"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code S42.0 Fracture of clavicle
SNOMED-CT Term Fracture of clavicle (disorder) Concept ID: 58150001
Synonyms - Fracture of collar bone
Fracture of clavicle (disorder)
Collar bone fracture
OCOSH Code: D002968 58150001 S42.0 WI_FR_SH_C
Fracture Dislocation (2)
Internet resources relating to Fracture/Dislocation of the Shoulder
MeSH Search Term "Shoulder Fractures"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code S42.9 Fracture of shoulder girdle, part unspecified
SNOMED-CT Term Fracture dislocation of shoulder joint (disorder) Concept ID: 263077007
OCOSH Code: D012784 263077007 S42.9 WI_FR_SH_FD
Scapular Fractures (15)
Internet resources relating to Fractures of the Scapula
MeSH Search Term "Scapula"[mesh:noexp]
ICD-10 Code S42.1 Fracture of scapula
SNOMED-CT Term Fracture of scapula (disorder) Concept ID: 9682006
Synonyms - Fracture of shoulder blade
OCOSH Code: D012540 9682006 S42.1 WI_FR_SH_S


Floating Shoulder eMedicine Orthopedics


Ipsilateral fractures of the clavicle and scapular neck, or floating shoulder injuries, are rare. They result from high-energy trauma and have a high incidence of associated injuries, likely contributing to their underdiagnosis and undertreatment. Understanding the pathologic anatomy and appropriate treatment is important to minimize the sometimes-significant morbidity from this...

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Floating Shoulder Injuries Wheeless


- refers to scapular frx and clavicle frx (or AC joint injury);
- single disruptions:
- common injuries, often w/ minimal displacement;
- types:

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