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An abnormal hardening or increased density of bone tissue. [OCOSH Code: D010026 49347007 Q78 BD_DBD_OCDYS_OS]

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Melorheostosis (15)
A form of osteosclerosis or hyperostosis extending in a linear track through one of the long bones of an extremity, and consisting of proliferated ivory-like new bone. "Melo-" is from the Greek, limb and "-rheostosis" refers to streaks (rheo- from the Greek, flow), in the bones.
MeSH Term "Melorheostosis"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M85.8 Other specified disorders of bone density and structure
SNOMED-CT Term Melorheostosis (disorder) Concept ID: 44697002
Synonyms - Melorheostosis
Leri's disease
Candle wax disease
Flowing hyperostosis
Osteopathia hyperostotica congenita
Melorheostosis (disorder)
OCOSH Code: D008557 44697002 M85.8 BD_DBD_OCDYS_OS_MO
Osteopetrosis (28)
Excessive formation of dense trabecular bone leading to pathological fractures; OSTEITIS; SPLENOMEGALY with infarct; ANEMIA; and extramedullary hemopoiesis (HEMATOPOIESIS, EXTRAMEDULLARY).
MeSH Term "Osteopetrosis"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Q78.2 Osteopetrosis
SNOMED-CT Term Osteopetrosis (disorder) Concept ID: 1926006 Synonyms Albers Schoenberg Disease Marble Bone Disease Osteosclerosis Fragilis
OCOSH Code: D010022 1926006 Q78.2 BD_DBD_OCDYS_OS_OP
Osteopoikilosis (10)
An asymptomatic, autosomal dominant trait in which pea-sized sclerotic spots, prominent in the metaphyseal area, are accompanied by unique cutaneous lesions. These are yellowish papules or plaques with increased elastin content.
MeSH Term "Osteopoikilosis"[mesh]
IDC-10 Code Q78.8 Other specified osteochondrodysplasias
SNOMED-CT Term Osteopoikilosis (disorder) Concept ID: 9147009
Synonyms - Osteopoikilosis
Osteopoikilosis (disorder)
Buschke-Ollendorff syndrome
OCOSH Code: D010023 9147009 Q78.8 BD_DBD_OCDYS_OS_OPK


diffuse osteosclerosis - dense bone CHORUS

Location: http://chorus.rad.mcw.edu/doc/00121.html

mnemonic: "3M PROFS"
M * mets
M * mastocytosis
M * myelofibrosis
P * pyknodysostosis
R * renal osteodystrophy
O * osteopetrosis (Albers-Schoenberg dz)
F * fluorosis
S * sickle cell disease

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