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Pagets disease tibia LSBU

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Description: Radiology case 468-842: Paget's Disease Tibia Clinical presentation: Pain and deformity in the leg of an elderly man.
There is antero-posterior bowing of the tibia. The process involves grossly disordered architecture with loss of the usual cortico-medullary distinction. The process extends to the knee joint and the bone is larger and more disordered towards the knee. It appears more normal towards the ankle. On the anterior cortex of the bone there are linear defects. Such increment fractures are also typical of this process. When such an appearance occurs, it implies microfracture and an attempt at healing and may be seen in metabolic diseases that affect bone mechanics in mature subjects. The implication is that the healing process has the potential to temporarily weaken the bone.

Type: Case Study
Author/Contact: IDM
Institution: London South Bank University
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