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Fractures of the Hand and Wrist POSNA Study Guide

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Location: http://www.posna.org/education/StudyGuide/fracturesOfTheHandAndWrist.asp

Description: Objectives
1. Describe management of distal phalangeal crush injuries
2. Describe management of the "mallet finger equivalent" fracture of the distal phalangeal physis
3. Describe management of proximal phalangeal physeal fractures
4. Describe patterns of injury to the base of the thumb in the skeletally immature child, and management of each pattern
5. Describe management of scaphoid fractures in children, comparing indications for open treatment with those in adults
6. Describe management of dislocations of the PIP joints in fingers, and MCP joint in the thumb
7. Discuss ways in which management of acute flexor tendon lacerations may differ in children and adults

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