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How to Classify Distal Radius Fractures

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Location: http://www.eradius.com/IFSSH_Classification_D1.htm

Description: A Report by the IFSSH BONE AND JOINT COMMITTEE.
The IFSSH Board of Directors wished to examine the potential for a universal classification of fractures and dislocations of the hand and wrist. If this could be accomplished, classifications could be standardized as a constant. The method of treatment would then be the variable. Scientific method would then be applied to analyze different outcome parameters. This would allow a comparative assessment of treatment methods between two or more groups throughout the world. It would allow the accumulation of data by the addition of related series of cases. This would add power to the validity of the conclusions reached by statistical analysis.
Our charge was to initiate the classification process in the targeted area of distal radial fractures. We were asked to examine existing classifications and select one, or modify, combine, or otherwise formulate and endorse a classification system for distal radial fractures. The classification system selected must be sufficiently simple so that it could be applied in undeveloped countries, and yet allow for the contribution of sophisticated analytical technology where it exists. It must provide intra-observer and inter-observer reliability. It should serve as a discriminator for treatment and outcome expectations.

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