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Decrease, loss, or removal of the mineral constituents of bones.
[OCOSH Code: D018488 129566001 M81.9 BD_MBD_PBD]

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Hypophosphatasia (9)
Pathological decrease in serum phosphatase levels
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ICD-10 Code E83.3 Disorders of phosphorus metabolism
SNOMED-CT Term Hypophosphatasia (disorder) Concept ID: 190859005
Synonyms - Hypophosphatasia
Alkaline phosphatase deficiency
Hypophosphatasia (disorder)
OCOSH Code: D007014 190859005 E83.3 BD_MBD_PBD_HPH
Pathologic Decalcification (0)
The loss of calcium salts from bones and teeth. Bacteria may be responsible for this occurrence in teeth. Old age may be a factor contributing to calcium loss, as is the presence of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
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ICD-10 Code M81.9 Osteoporosis, unspecified
SNOMED-CT Term Demineralized structure (morphologic abnormality) Concept ID: 128420001
OCOSH Code: D003649 128420001 M81.9 BD_MBD_PBD_PDC