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2004 General Priciples of Fracture Care eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: eMedicine updated 2010
A fracture is defined as a disruption in the integrity of a living bone, involving injury to the bone marrow, periosteum, and adjacent soft tissues. Many types of fractures exist, such as pathologic, stress, and greenstick fractures. When a fracture occurs, it is described radiographically and clinically in terms of the following factors:
* Anatomy:
* Articular surface involvement:
* Displacement:
* Angulation:
* Rotation:
* Shortening:
* Soft-tissue involvement:
Synonyms and related keywords: fracture management, open fracture, closed fracture, broken bone, traumatic bone injury, open reduction and internal fixation, ORIF, external fixation, ankle fracture, femur fracture
Updated Jan 2010

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