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Meningomyelocoele LSBU

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Location: http://myweb.lsbu.ac.uk/dirt/museum/338-1452.html

Description: Radiology case 338-1452 Clinical presentation: Young adult female with a large head and in a wheel chair.
There are symmetrical defects in the ilia. The lumbar canal is widened at its lower end with the increased interpedicular distance just visible in this view. A wide defect visible in the bone density of the lumbar spine with an absence of normal posterior structures behind the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. Both hips are deformed. The right hip is dislocated proximally with a valgus deformity and acetabular dysplasia. The left hip os deformed and fused. The patient is constipated and there is a well-defined soft-tissue density over the right ilium that has a clear inferior silhouette beyond the abdominal wall.

Type: Case Study
Author/Contact: IDM
Institution: LSBU
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