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fibrous cortical defect and simple bone cyst LSBU

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Location: http://myweb.lsbu.ac.uk/dirt/museum/461-3131.html

Description: Radiology Case 461-3131 Young adolescent male with pain in heel.
The skeleton is maturing; note the fusing epiphyses. There is a thick dense margin around an eccentric lesion in the tibial diaphysis. It is not projected in-profile in either view, but seems well-defined with an intact sclerotic margin. There is no visible bone destruction nor any visible extra-axial soft-tissue mass.
In calcaneum, there is a low density. In the lateral view, the projection of neighbouring normal trabecula could resemble the normal variant reduced cancellous pattern in the centre of the calcaneum. The lesion is well marginated and has a thin zone of transition between normal and abnormal bone.
These T1 weighted images show a the eccentric bone-forming lesion in the tibia that is unassociated with soft-tissue mass or cortical destruction. The calcaneal lesion is a well-marginated lesion with high fat and or water content.

Type: Case Study
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