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2009 Bone stimulation for fracture healing

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Location: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2762251/

Description: Approximately 10% of the 7.9 million annual fracture patients in the United States experience nonunion and/or delayed unions, which have a substantial economic and quality of life impact. A variety of devices are being marketed under the name of “bone growth stimulators.” This article provides an overview of electrical and electromagnetic stimulation, ultrasound, and extracorporeal shock waves. More research is needed for knowledge of appropriate device configurations, advancement in the field, and encouragement in the initiation of new trials, particularly large multicenter trials and randomized control trials that have standardized device and protocol methods.
Bone stimulation for fracture healing: What's all the fuss? Galkowski Victoria, Brad Petrisor, Brian Drew, and David Dick. Indian J Orthop. 2009 Apr–Jun; 43(2): 117–120. Full text

Type: Reference Material
Author/Contact: Galkowski et al
Institution: Indian J Orthop.
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