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Radial Styloid Fractures Wheeless

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Description: Chauffeur's Fracture: Radial Styloid Fractures
radial styloid fractures most commonly occur from tension forces sustained during ulnar deviation and supination of the wrist;
strong radiocarpal ligament, particularly radioscaphocapitate ligament, avulse radial styloid from metaphysis of the radius;
ligamentous attachments maintains alignment radial styloid to carpus, but styloid may be markedly displaced from the rest of radius;
brachioradialis & extrinsic wrist & finger flexors & extensors exert powerful displacing force on carpus/radial styloid complex;
fractures of styloid are frequently accompanied by dislocations of lunate;
Associated Injuries:
- Scapholunate Dissociation:
- Transstyloid Perilunar Dislocation:
- Dorsal Barton's:

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