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Tuberculous tenosynovitis and bursitis

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Location: http://radiology.rsna.org/content/201/2/507.long

Description: Twenty-one patients with surgically and/or pathologically proved tuberculosis of the tendon sheaths or bursae were evaluated. Routine radiography, arthrography, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging were used in some or all of the patients.
CONCLUSION: All imaging methods can provide complementary information that is helpful for determination of therapy. MR imaging seems to be superior in evaluating the extent of the lesion, particularly in soft tissue.
Tuberculous tenosynovitis and bursitis: imaging findings in 21 cases. Jaovisidha S, Chen C, Ryu KN, Siriwongpairat P, Pekanan P, Sartoris DJ, Resnick D. Radiology. 1996 Nov;201(2):507-13.

Type: Reference Material
Author/Contact: Jaovisidha et al
Institution: Radiology
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