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Radiographic Measurement Techniques for Sacral Fractures Medscape

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Location: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/532020

Description: Consensus Statement of the Spine Trauma Study Group Timothy R. Kuklo, MD; Benjamin K. Potter, MD; Steven C. Ludwig, MD; Paul A. Anderson, MD; Ronald W. Lindsey, MD; Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD Published: 05/17/2006
The diagnosis of sacral fractures is frequently missed or delayed, and the treatment is controversial, with significant variations in recommendations regarding nonoperative treatment, neural decompression, and internal fixation. A paucity of specific radiographic measurements and criteria exist to aid the clinician in making sound treatment decisions. This may obligate surgeons to base clinical decisions on nonstandardized, nonvalidated recommendations and measures and, in some cases, anecdotal evidence. We think that a critical first step toward valid and optimal clinical decision-making requires an accurate and clear definition of imaging measurement parameters used to evaluate sacral injuries and gather data for future studies.
Spine. 2006;31(9):1047-1055.

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