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Back Injuries
[OCOSH Code: D019567 81102000 S20-S34 WI_BI]

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Acute Intervertebral Disc Injury (8)
Acute Intervertebral Disc Injury
MeSH Search Term "Intervertebral Disk/Injury"[mesh]
See also "Intervertebral Disk Displacement"[mesh] UID D007405
ICD-10 Code M50 Cervical disc disorders
M51 Other intervertebral disc disorders
SNOMED-CT Term Intervertebral disc disorder (disorder) Concept ID: 36427004
OCOSH Code: D007403 36427004 M50 M51 WI_BI_IVD
Back Soft Tissue Injury (19)
Internet resources relating to Soft Tissue Injury of the Back; Low Back Pain. Acute or chronic pain in the lumbar or sacral regions, which may be associated with musculo-ligamentous sprains and strains; Intervertebral Disk Displacement; and other conditions.
MeSH Search Term "Low Back Pain"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M54.5 Low back pain
SNOMED-CT Term Low back pain (finding) Concept ID: 279039007
Synonyms - Low back pain
LBP - Low back pain
Low back syndrome
Lumbar pain
Nonspecific pain in the lumbar region
OCOSH Code: D017116 279039007 M54.5 WI_BI_ST
Spinal Injuries (68)
Internet resources relating to Spinal Injuries; injuries involving the vertebral column
MeSH Search Term "Spinal Injuries"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code S12-S34
SNOMED-CT Term Spinal injury (disorder) Concept ID: 262521009
OCOSH Code: D013124 262521009 S12-S34 WI_BI_SI


Acute Low Back Pain Referral Guideline

Location: http://www.mamc.amedd.army.mil/referral/guidelines/ortho_low_back_pain.htm

Madigan Army Medical Center Referral Guidelines A condition of pain in the lower (lumbar-sacral) back region, with or without radiation of symptoms to the buttocks or lower extremities, of less than 6 weeks duration, in the non-pregnant patient.

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