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Acute Osteomyelitis POSNA Study Guide

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Description: Objectives
1. Describe the pathology of acute osteomyelitis
2. Describe the natural history of untreated acute osteomyelitis
3. Discuss therapy for each stage of natural history of untreated acute osteomyelitis
4. Describe the workup of a child with suspected acute osteomyelitis
5. Describe the most common offending organism causing osteomyelitis in the premature infant, the neonate, the toddler, and the older child
6. Discuss antibiotic management, including route and duration, for acute osteomyelitis
7. Discuss laboratory tests useful for following the clinical course of acute osteomyelitis
8. List conditions can clinically mimic acute osteomyelitis
9. Describe the features of chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO)

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