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Description: Abt & Hurwitz 2007
Triplane fractures of the distal tibia are generally sustained during adolescence and occur before complete closure of the distal tibial physis (growth plate). Incomplete closure of the tibial growth plate, as well as the stress forces applied during injury, are responsible for the unique occurrence of this fracture. The fracture pattern extends through the transverse (growth plate), sagittal (epiphysis), and coronal (distal tibial metaphysis) anatomic planes, disrupting the tibial plafond intra-articularly.
Synonyms and related keywords: ankle fracture, multiplane fracture, multipart fracture, adolescent tibial triplane fracture, tibial fracture, tibial epiphysis, tibial growth plate, growth plate, epiphyseal fracture, epiphyseal growth plate, physis, physeal fracture, distal tibia, distal tibial epiphysis, distal tibial metaphysis, tibia, Maisonneuve fibular fracture, distal fibula, proximal fibula

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Author/Contact: Abt & Hurwitz
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