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Description: Osteochondromas are cartilage-covered, histologically normal bony projections (exostoses) on the external surface of a bone in the vicinity of growth plates. They are the most common benign bone lesions and present during late childhood and adolescence. Although any bone with enchondral ossification may be involved, the femur, the proximal tibia, and the proximal humerus account for approximately 65-85% of cases. There is a hereditary skeletal dysplasia known as osteochondromatosis (multiple heritable exostoses) where multiple exostoses are distributed symetrically on the skeleton. This is a autosomal-dominant disease and is one of the most common skeletal dysplasias. The condition is familial, with more severe manifestations in men. Diagnostic Radiology/Musculoskeletal Imaging/Tumors Basic/Osteochondroma From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection

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