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Diabetic Foot Ulcerations

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Description: Standard, Appropriate, and Advanced Care and Medical-Legal Considerations: Part One -- Diabetic Foot Ulcerations from Wounds Posted 06/09/2003 Gerit Mulder, DPM, MS, David Armstrong, DPM, Susie Seaman, MSN, NP, CETN Abstract and Introduction Abstract Administration of prompt and appropriate care for diabetic foot ulcerations is necessary to reduce complications, which may lead to limb loss. An understanding of standard, appropriate, and advanced care may assist the physician in making the most optimal decision when treating diabetic foot ulcers. An overview of the diabetic foot, its associative problems, considerations when reviewing the diabetic patient, and approaches to treatment are presented in this article. Clinicians are encouraged to review each patient individually to determine their specific needs and to administer the most appropriate care. Contents - Abstract and Introduction Diabetic Ulcer Overview Patient Assessment Ulcer Assessment and Documentation Ulcer Treatment Ulcer Measurements and Examination Debridement Offloading Infection Control Dressings Advanced Care: New Technology Summary Figures References

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