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Necrotizing Fasciitis

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Location: http://www.utoronto.ca/ois/SIA/2005/Surgical_Infections.htm#NF

Description: Surgery in Africa Article Necrotizing Fasciitis While cellulitis and pyomyositis can be treated with reasonable success and low mortality rates, this is not the case for necrotizing soft tissue infections (NSTI). Here mortality rates range from 30-70% and have not decreased significantly despite modern therapy. (40) Reports from Singapore (41), India (42) and Oman (43) give a sense of the non-Western experience. NSTIs can be divided into two major categories: 1. Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) and 2. Gas gangrene. (44) Necrotizing fasciitis is further divided on the basis of clinical picture and microbiology into types I and II. (more)

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