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Location: http://www.oaisysmedical.com

Description: Our MISSION is to bring innovation from the bench to the bedside for optimal patient care. Our objectives are to selectively develop and use cost effective approaches that solve clinical problems of bones and joints. In the global aging population with staggering health care costs, these are concerns that really matter. Products for Digital Imaging In the realm of digital imaging OAISYS provides a software suite called Horizons. The Vision program manages any computer-based image with a wide selection of very user-friendly tools. It has the usual means for marking up, storing and sending. Surveyor advances Vision with the unique multi-functionality that each feature calibration. The calibration modules allow the images to be measured with varying levels of precision, as needed by the user. Surveyor Joint Match gives high precision for sizing and fitting implants; Skelculator, is a unique program of algorithms that are customised for the user to define deformity analysis and surgical correction; Knee grade is dedicated to evaluate arthritis progression. The historic ‘gold standard’ for calibrated image analysis is Standardized Knee Imaging (SKI) with a host of publications that attest to its precision and reliability in clinical and research studies of knee alignment. Programs in Development Quest and History are unique mapping and data base programs that are being developed to provide the much needed interface between electronic medical records, hospital information and clinical based imaging programs. These lend ease and accuracy for the electronic requests, record the episode and link it to the images for viewing with the Horizons Imaging Suite. Implants and Tools Our innovations for implants include novel designs for Deep Knee Flexion designed to meet the needs for the high performance individual and meet specific religious and cultural requirements. A prototype MTP joint has an anatomic design for conservative resurfacing of painful arthritic bunion. Precision tools for knee replacement surgery and limited invasion fracture fixation are in development. Dr. Derek Cooke founded OAISYS in 1996 to capture the most interesting and relevant developments gathered from a wealth of clinical and research experience focused for orthopaedic surgeons and other physicians involved in bone and joint care. Our publications attest to the scientific merit of these innovations.

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