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Description: Intramuscular hemangiomas A significant number of intramuscular hemangiomas are associated with relatively mild symptoms, such as intermittent aching or discomfort with exercise. These may require no treatment and may have no significant sequelae. Unfortunately, those symptomatic enough to indicate treatment are those most likely to be incompletely excised, and thus, they recur. Recurrence rates following surgery range from 18-50%. Synovial hemangiomas The outcomes for diffuse synovial hemangiomas are similar to those of intramuscular hemangiomas. Patients with localized synovial hemangiomas tend to have excellent results following surgical excision. Hemangiomas of bone Many osseous hemangiomas remain asymptomatic, require no treatment, and have no significant sequelae. Hemangiomatosis Hemangiomatosis often becomes symptomatic during childhood, and yet is nearly impossible to excise. Therefore, treatment with chemotherapy has been tried with variable success. Gorham disease The rarity of Gorham disease prohibits a clear assessment of its prognosis. Patients have had variable results from treatment with steroids and radiation therapy.

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