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Case 68. Osgood Schlatter's Condition

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Location: http://gait.aidi.udel.edu/educate/osgood2.htm

Description: * Etiology thought to be traction apophysitis secondary to repetitive microtrauma with partial avulsion, inflammation and new bone formation at the ligament insertion.
* Must differentiate from malignancy, infection, fracture, tendonitis and Sindling-Larsen- Johansson Disease.
* Should be referred to a "condition" not a "disease."
* Affects children between 10 and 14 years old, more commonly males 3:1, and is present bilaterally in 25 - 50% of cases.
* Diagnosis is based on clinical signs and symptoms. These include pain, heat, tenderness and local swelling with prominence at the tibial tuberosity.
* Ossification of the tibial tubercle begins distally between 7-9 years of age and progresses proximally.

Type: Case Study
Author/Contact: Newfield & Kruse
Institution: Dupont Institute
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