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Case 27 Kohler's Disease

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Location: http://gait.aidi.udel.edu/res695/homepage/pd_ortho/educate/clincase/kohler.htm

Description: KÖHLER'S DISEASE OF THE TARSAL NAVICULAR Case Presentation -a 3 year old girl who presented to the Orthopaedic Clinic with a complaint of left foot pain exacerbated by bearing weight. Four weeks prior to this visit, the patient's 4 year old sister had jumped onto her left foot during play resulting in pain and an antalgic gait. She had no pain in the left foot prior to this episode. She was evaluated at an outside emergency room where radiographs were remarkable only for radiodensity and collapse of the tarsal navicular.

Type: Case Study
Author/Contact: Moore & Mason
Institution: DuPont Institute
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Language: English

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