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Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Findings

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Description: Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Findings -- Alessandro Castagna, MD Web Arhive Copy. Last posted 2006
The understanding and treatment of the pathology of the rotator cuff muscle-tendon complex is probably still the most stimulating challenge for the shoulder surgeon. Anatomy, biomechanics, presence of multiple layers of tissues, limited subacromial space make often difficult a precise assessment of the cuff disorders and therefore a proper repair. History, clinical examination and imaging will help the surgeon for an exact diagnosis. Imaging of the rotator cuff tears improved a lot in the last years. MRI, especially with gadolinium enhancement, allows a rather precise pre-operative assessment. But other basic tests like x-rays (AP, Axillary and Arch-View) should never be skipped. Finally the surgeon should always compare the radiologist report with the history and clinical exam. This procedure allows avoiding over- or under- diagnosis of rotator cuff disorders. Arthroscopy demonstrated a great role in the assessment of rotator cuff disorders and in the operative decision making.

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Author/Contact: Alessandro Castagna, MD
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