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Morton's Neuroma Wheeless

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Description: Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
Morton's Neuroma: Interdigital Perineural Fibrosis
it is not a neuroma but a perineural fibrosis and it was not first accurately described by Morton but by Durlacher, a chiropodist in 1845; both Thomas G. Morton (1876) and Thomas K. Morton (1892) mistook it for a painful affection of the fourth MTP articulation
- it is a type of nerve compression syndrome which involves the common digital nerves of the lesser toes: most often 3rd (80-85 %) and less often the 2nd (15-20 %) interspace;
- interdigital neuromas do not occur in the 1st and 4th web space: consider other etiologies;
- the occurance of two interdigital neuromas is also very rare;
- occurs most often in middle aged women (78 % are women);

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