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In Vivo Normal Knee Kinematics

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Description: Questions/purposes We determined whether different ethnic and gender groups residing in the United States had different knee translations and rotations.
Conclusion We identified small differences in maximum flexion between genders and ethnic groups. While no differences were identified in the lateral condyle translation, the medial condyle remained more stationary and more anterior for the groups that achieved highest (and similar) maximum flexion. Therefore, it may be important for future implant designs to incorporate these characteristics, such that only the lateral condyle experiences greater posterior femoral rollback, while the medial condyle remains more stationary throughout flexion.
In Vivo Normal Knee Kinematics: Is Ethnicity or Gender an Influencing Factor? Filip Leszko, Kristen R. Hovinga, Amy L. Lerner, Richard D. Komistek & Mohamed R. Mahfou CORR 2010

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Author/Contact: Leszko et al
Institution: CORR
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