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Dr Gus Halamandaris MD Neurosurgeon Salinas CA

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Location: http://www.spine-health.com/doctor/neurosurgeon/gus-halamandaris-salinas-ca


As a Board-Certified Neurosurgeon in Salinas, CA, Dr. Gus Halamandaris treats conditions such as sciatica, scoliosis, spinal tumors and neck disorders with both spine surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

The experts at the Spine Center utilize the most advanced technologies and procedures for brain and spine surgeries including microsurgical, computer-assisted and minimally invasive techniques to treat neck and back pain. Less invasive procedures are also highly effective treatment options to alleviate pain associated with compression fractures, pinched nerves, disc diseases and chronic low back pain. All of the physicians at the Salinas Valley Memorial Regional Spine Program perform hundreds of procedures each year, are board-certified, and they continually train to stay ahead of advancing surgical techniques and technologies.

Dr. Gus Halamandaris is a Neurosurgeon with Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Regional Spine Center CA 93901.

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