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St. Mary's Spine Center: Spine Center in San Francisco, CA 94117

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Location: http://www.spine-health.com/doctor/spine-center/st-marys-spine-center

Description: St. Mary's Spine Center offers a unique, collaborative approach to spine care. Patients benefit from the shared knowledge of our experienced physicians and nurses. Your care is directed by a team of physicians and certified physician assistants with expertise in non-surgical and surgical spine care. With over 25 years of collaboration our physicians have treated thousands of patients from San Francisco and around the globe.
Today, we maintain our reputation as San Francisco's premier Spine Center by incorporating the latest innovations into our program of holistic, integrated care. We offer a full spectrum of treatments, including noninvasive techniques, such as manual manipulation, exercise, nutritional counseling, and medication management. Of all patients treated at the Spine Center, only 6 percent needed to be treated surgically.
In fact, nearly 95 percent of patients that come to St. Mary’s Spine Center never even require invasive surgery.
We work extremely hard to first treat our patients without surgery and review all of the options for you. After a comprehensive diagnostic session, your care will be managed by the appropriate specialist located in the Spine Center. Non-operative therapies are the “backbone” of our care and we believe in using the least invasive approach possible to give you the relief you need.

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