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Location: http://www.ablegaitor.com

Description: Walking standing frame for people with paralysis/children's orthopaedic footwear
Ablegaitor is a DME provider of unique orthopedic and rehabilitation products such as the walking
standing frame for people with paralysis.
"It may remind some of the robot-dance, but this standing frame does one thing that
 no other standing frame can do-GET YOU WALKING AGAIN. No, it's not electricity-powered,
nor does it function by any hidden motors. The walking standing frame helps you walk by the use
of handgrips located at waist level."
 Designed for people with SCI (up to C5), MS, Cerebral Palsy,
Spina Bifida this walking standing frame enables independent, safe movement in all directions on flat surfaces.
We also provide the children’s orthopedic shoes which can be used instead of braces and children’s
diagnostic and corrective footwear Memo.

Type: Lecture/Presentation
Author/Contact: Marina Grohmann
Institution: Ablegaitor LLC
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Language: English

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Added: Tue Jul 21 2009