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Disorders of the Spine

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Location: http://faculty.washington.edu/alexbert/MEDEX/Winter/EM1DisordersSpine.htm

Description: Physicians assistant course notes on radiculopathy, myelopathy, neck ROM, neck hyperextension and hyperflexion injuries, vulnerable positions of the neck in rear end collision, initial treatment of cervical soft tissue injury, features & symptoms of acute cervical disk herniation (CDH), physical exam in cervical disk herniation, treatment and surgical indications in CDH, thoracic spine problems, spinal stenosis, three-joint complex degeneration; sacroiliac joint disease; lumbar disk herniations; other causes of lumbar pain;red flags for fracture, tumour, infection & cauda equina syndrome; physical exam findings; percussion pain over the spine; straight leg raising test; Waddell's non-organic physical signs; indications for plain x-rays; indications for blood tests; indications for CT and/or MRI; medication; activity limitations; avoiding back irritation;

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