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Dr Jacob Bastomski DC State Street Chiropractic

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Location: http://www.spine-health.com/doctor/chiropractor/jacob-bastomski-santa-barbara-ca

Description: My purpose in practice is to help as many people as possible achieve a lifestyle that allows them to maximize their inner abilities and strengths, their full potential. This is accomplished by first assisting them with their pain issues and soon they notice they are able to sleep better, wake up more refreshed, their mood is better and they are able to more fully engage in life. Patients notice that they are able to diminish their need to take various pain medications and indeed many times they are able to get off their pain medications all together. I have been told I have gifted hands and I recognize that it is my responsibility to assist and serve those that come to me seeking to improve their health with natural means of spinal adjustments, diet, nutrition and exercise.

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