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Hand Fracture eMedicine Emergency

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Description: Hand fractures, a frequent emergency department complaint, are the most common fractures of the body. Proper management at initial evaluation of hand injuries can prevent a significant amount of morbidity and disability. Emergency physicians, often the first to assess these fractures, must have the skills to properly evaluate and manage these injuries.
Synonyms and related keywords: hand fracture, broken hand, hand injury, fractures of the phalanges, volar fracture dislocation, middle phalanx fractures, transverse fracture of distal phalanx, middle phalangeal fractures, proximal phalangeal fractures, transverse fracture of the proximal phalanx, oblique fractures, spiral fractures, condylar fractures, metacarpal fractures, metacarpal head fractures, metacarpal neck fractures, metacarpal shaft fractures, metacarpal base fractures, Bennett fractures, Rolando fractures
Author: William R Fraser, DO 2005

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