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2009 Achilles Tendon Injuries and Tendonitis eMedicine PMR

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Location: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/309393-overview

Description: Achilles tendon rupture is a complete disruption of the Achilles tendon, observed most commonly in patients aged 30-50 years, usually occurring at a point 4-5 cm proximal to the calcaneus. This area above the calcaneus is the zone of poor blood flow in the tendon. Achilles tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon or paratenon, usually resulting from overuse associated with a change in playing surface, footwear, or intensity of an activity. Terminology used to describe this condition currently is subject to debate. Some evidence suggests that tendinopathy or tendinosis are better terms, as inflammation, suggested by the term tendonitis, may not play a key role in this process.
Synonyms and related keywords: Achilles tendon rupture, tendinopathy, tendinosis, Achilles overuse injuries
Saglimbeni & Fulmer 2007

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