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2007 Gait Analysis eMedicine PMR

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Location: http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/320160-overview

Description: Walking is the most convenient way to travel short distances. Free joint mobility and appropriate muscle force increases walking efficiency. As the body moves forward, one limb typically provides support while the other limb is advanced in preparation for its role as the support limb. The gait cycle (GC) in its simplest form is comprised of stance and swing phases. The stance phase further is subdivided into 3 segments, including (1) initial double stance, (2) single limb stance, and (3) terminal double limb stance.
Synonyms and related keywords: gait analysis, normal gait, walking, gait cycle, shock absorption, dynamic electromyography, stance and swing phases, initial double stance, single limb stance, terminal double limb stance
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