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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome eMedicine Emergency

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Description: Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS) has been recognized since the Civil War when it was called causalgia, a name chosen to describe intense, burning extremity pain after an injury. Since then, RSDS has had a number of name changes. Bonica coined the term reflex sympathetic dystrophy in 1953. The American Association of Hand Surgery proposed changing the name to sympathetic maintained pain syndrome. A consensus expert panel recommended a change to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). However, although many clinicians still use the term RSDS, the terms currently in favor are complex regional pain syndrome I (the equivalent of RSD) and complex regional pain syndrome II, also known as causalgia.
CRPS/RSDS has readily identifiable signs and symptoms and is treatable if recognized early; however, the syndrome may become disabling if unrecognized. Emergency physicians are frequently in a position to identify the problem and may play a significant role in minimizing impact of this common entity.
Synonyms and related keywords: RSDS, RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome, causalgia, sympathetic maintained pain syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, CRPS, CRPS I, CRPS II, peripheral nerve injury, complex regional pain syndrome I, complex regional pain syndrome II
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