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Joint Reduction Finger Dislocation eMedicine Procedures

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Description: Dislocation of a joint occurs when traumatic forces cause complete loss of continuity between the joint’s 2 articulating surfaces. Subluxation, on the other hand, occurs when the loss of continuity between the joints is only partial. A dislocation may or may not involve a fracture. Dislocations of the finger joints involve either the interphalangeal (IP) joint or the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint.
Synonyms and related keywords: finger dislocation, DIP, dislocation, distal interphalangeal joint, finger, interphalangeal joint, IP, phalanges, PIP, proximal interphalangeal joint, splint, subluxation, thumb, MCP, metacarpophalangeal, finger subluxation, thumb dislocation, thumb subluxation, thumb reduction, joint reduction, finger reduction, finger splint, thumb splint, volar splint, dorsal splint, digital nerve block
Polansky & Kwon 2007

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