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Tarsal Coalition eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Tarsal coalition is a condition in which 2 or more bones in the midfoot or hindfoot are joined. The most common types of coalitions are those between the calcaneus and either the talus or the navicular bones. Patients with this congenital condition usually present during late childhood or adolescence, but presentations in adulthood have been reported. The condition usually presents as recurrent sprains and pain in the midfoot and has been associated with peroneal spastic flatfoot, fixed flatfoot, and other abnormalities of the foot. Radiographic evaluation has been revolutionized by the use of CT scanning. Early treatment usually involves conservative modalities, including immobilization, while surgical intervention includes resection of the coalition or arthrodesis of degenerated painful joints.
Synonyms and related keywords: peroneal spastic flatfoot, talocalcaneal coalition, TC coalition, calcaneonavicular coalition, recurrent sprain, ankle sprain, fixed flatfoot, foot pain, midfoot pain, ankle pain, middle facet talocalcaneal coalition, posterior facet talocalcaneal coalition, talonavicular coalition, calcaneocuboid coalition, anterior facet talocalcaneal coalition, fibrous cartilaginous coalitions, incomplete cartilaginous coalitions
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