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Lower Cervical Spine Strains

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Description: Recent Spinal Trauma was the subject of the 3rd Traumatology Seminar organized by the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital in Paris. One of the presentations dealt with Lower Cervical Spine Sprains C. LAPORTE, G. SAILLANT
Sprains of the cervical spine are injuries that involve the intervertebral soft tissues (discs and ligaments). The incidence of these injuries is very high. The sprains are caused by craniocervical trauma in flexion, in extension, or in a pattern where flexion follows extension (whiplash injury). Depending on the severity of the ligamentous lesions, sprains may be classified as either benign or severe. Benign sprains are due to a stretching or minimal tearing of the ligaments; they do not cause instability at the affected level. Severe sprains, on the other hand, are due to ligamentous tears, which cause instability. The diagnosis is based upon radiographic criteria. The distinction between the two grades of sprain may be difficult

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