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Description: Author: Norman S Turner, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Pes cavus is a high arch that does not flatten with weightbearing. No specific radiographic definition of cavus foot exists. The deformity can be located in the forefoot, midfoot, or hindfoot or in a combination of these sites. Problem: The spectrum of associated deformities observed with pes cavus includes clawing of the toes, posterior hindfoot deformity (described as an increased calcaneal angle), contracture of the plantar fascia, and cock-up deformity of the great toe. This can cause increased weightbearing for the metatarsal heads and associated metatarsalgia and callus.
Synonyms and related keywords: high arch, cavus foot, cock-up deformity, clawtoe deformity, foot pain, talipes cavus, contracted foot, exaggerated arch

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