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Plantar Fasciitis eMedicine Orthopedics

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Description: Author: Shepard R Hurwitz, MD
Synonyms and related keywords: heel pain, plantar heel pain, inflamed fascia, foot deformity
Background: Plantar heel pain is a common problem in adults. The most common cause of heel pain is inflammation to the dense tissue extending from the calcaneus to the metatarsal region, thus the descriptive term plantar fasciitis. Though not all cases of plantar heel pain are due to plantar fasciitis, an inflamed or damaged fascia may contribute to painful conditions caused by nerve injury or soft-tissue inflammation in local muscle and the fat pad. With the Internet and an increasing public awareness of plantar fasciitis comes greater demand for treatment when time and home remedies do not alleviate pain. The nature of upright human activity is repetitive tensile and compressive stress of the fascia that has a cumulative ability to damage or transform the tissue. Longer lifespans and greater recreational expectations of working adults also are contributing to the volume of patients seeking attention for plantar fasciitis.

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