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Blood Supply to Femoral Head and Neck Wheeless

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Location: http://www.wheelessonline.com/ortho/blood_supply_to_femoral_head_neck

Description: Anatomy: - extracapsular arterieal ring at the base of the femoral neck; - formed posteriorly by large branch of MFCA - formed anteriorly by smaller branches of LFCA; - superior & inferior gluteal artery have minor contributions; - ascending cervical branches - these give rise to retinacular arteries; - gives rise to subsynovial intra articular ring - artery of ligamentum teres; - derived from obturator or MFCA; - inadequate to supply femoral head with displaced fractures; - forms the medial epiphyseal vessels; - only small & variable amount of the femoral head is nourished by artery of ligamentum teres; - epiphyseal blood supply: - arises primarily from lateral epiphyseal vessels that enter head posterosuperiorly; - vessels from medial epiphyseal artery entering thru ligamentum teres; - epiphyseal arterial branches: - arise as arteries of subsynovial intraarticular ring; - two groups of epiphyseal arteries: lateral & inferior vessels; - metaphyseal blood supply: - arises from extracapsular arterial ring; - arise from branches of ascending cervical arteries, & subsynovial intra articular ring;

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