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2007 Horizon Legacy Peek Rod System

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Location: http://www.or-live.com/medtronicspinal/1856/index.cfm?cmpid=owl-mso_1856

Description: See an innovative lumbar fusion using Medtronic's CD HORIZON® LEGACY™ PEEK Rod System. Join Todd Lanman, M.D. and Russ Nockels, M.D. as they perform this procedure during a live surgical broadcast at 6:00 PM CDT (23:00 UTC) on OR-Live.com
The CD HORIZON LEGACY PEEK Rod System uses rods made of polyetheretherketone, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer that meets all biocompatibility requirements and has a long history of use in surgical implants. When combined with CD HORIZON® Spinal System-based pedicle screws and minimally invasive approach options such as the MAST QUADRANT™ Retractor Set, the CD HORIZON LEGACY PEEK Rod dynamically stabilizes the affected segment while allowing for a streamlined surgical technique that preserves much of the natural anatomy.
The CD HORIZON LEGACY PEEK Rod is suited for stabilizing the spine in conjunction with an arthrodesis procedure. The system allows for reduced stress on the screw-bone anchor points and construct instrumentation and better stress distribution throughout the construct. The PEEK Rod material is also radiolucent, reducing scatter and artifact in CT and MRI images. OR Live is a production of slp3D, an internet broadcasting company which creates live and on-demand video-based communications solutions for clients in the healthcare industry.

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