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Giant Cell Tumor eMedicine

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Description: Giant Cell Tumor Last Updated: June 6, 2002 Author: Lesley-Ann Goh, MBBS, FRCR, Consultant, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, National University Hospital Coauthor(s): Wilfred CG Peh, MBBS, MHSM, MD, FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCR, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore; Senior Consultant Radiologist, Programme Office, Singapore Health Services; Tony WH Shek, MBBS, FRCPA, Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, University of Hong Kong Background: Giant cell tumor of the bone is a relatively uncommon tumor. It is characterized by the presence of multinucleated giant cells. The tumor is usually regarded as benign. In most patients, giant cell tumors have an indolent course, but tumors recur locally in as many as 50% of cases. Metastasis to the lungs may occur. Cooper first reported giant cell tumors in the 18th century. In 1940, Jaffe and Lichtenstein defined giant cell tumor more strictly to distinguish it from other tumors. Giant cell tumor usually occurs de novo but also may occur as a rare complication of Paget disease of the bone Introduction Differentials Radiograph CT Scan MRI Nuclear Medicine Angiography Pictures Bibliography

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