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This category uses the OCOSH Classification system for Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Trauma conditions
Resources listed include general orthopaedic resources such as textbooks and revision sites. [OCOSH Code: D009985 394801008 OCOSH]

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Bone Diseases (1613)
Primary Bone Conditions and Diseases. MeSH Heading Bone Diseases
No specific ICD-10 code
SNOMED-CT Term Disorder of bone (disorder) Concept ID: 76069003
Bone disease
Disorder of bone (disorder)
Disorder of bone
OCOSH Code: D001847 76069003 BD
Cartilage Diseases (25)
Diseases affecting cartilaginous tissue. Benign and Malignant Cartilage Neoplasms are categorised under Orthopaedic Oncology.
MeSH Search Term "Cartilage Diseases"[mesh] br>ICD-10 Code M94 Other disorders of cartilage
SNOMED-CT Term Cartilage disorder (disorder)Cartilage disorder (disorder) Concept ID: 50927007
OCOSH Code: D002357 50927007 M94 CD
Clinical Examination (79)
Internet Resources relating to Clinical Examination of orthopaedic and traumatological cases.
MeSH Search Term "Physical Examination"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Z03 Medical observation and evaluation for suspected diseases and conditions
SNOMED-CT Term Physical examination, complete (procedure) Concept ID: 25656009
OCOSH Code: D010808 25656009 Z03 CE
Collagen Diseases (16)
Internet resources relating to orthopaedic aspects of collagen diseases.
MeSH term "collagen diseases"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M30-M36 Systemic connective tissue disorders
SNOMED-CT Term Collagen disease (disorder) Concept ID: 81573002
Synonyms - Collagen disease
Diffuse disease of connective tissue
Collagen disorder
Collagen disease (disorder)
OCOSH Code: D003095 81573002 M30-M36 CLD
Complex Regional Pain Syndromes (14)
Internet resources on Complex Regional Pain Syndromes including Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and Causalgia
MeSH Search Term "complex regional pain syndromes"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M89.0 Algoneurodystrophy
SNOMED-CT Term Complex regional pain syndrome (disorder) Concept ID: 128200000
OCOSH Code: D020918 128200000 M89.0 RPS
Complications (40)
Systemic, non-musculoskeletal complications of orthopaedic conditions and procedures
MeSH Search Term Subheading /complications or /CO
ICD-10 Code Coded individually
SNOMED-CT Term Complication (disorder) Concept ID: 116223007
OCOSH Code: Q000150 116223007 NMC
Disability (17)
Internet resouces relating to assessment and evaluation of disability and impairment.
MeSH Search Term "Disability Evaluation"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Y85-Y89 Sequelae of external causes of morbidity and mortality
SNOMED-CT Term Disability (finding) Concept ID: 21134002
See also 40226000 Impairment (finding)
OCOSH Code: D004185 21134002 Y85-Y89 DIS
Fasciitis (63)
MeSH Search Term 'fasciitis"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M72 Fibroblastic disorders
SNOMED-CT Term Fasciitis (disorder) Concept ID: 36948007
OCOSH Code: D005208 36948007 M72 FAS
Foot Conditions (155)
Internet reources relating to Foot Diseases.
MeSH Term "Foot Diseases"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code N/A
SNOMED-CT Term Disorder of foot (disorder) Concept ID: 118932009
OCOSH Code: D005534 118932009 DF
Foot Deformities (217)
Internet Resources on Foot Deformities.
MeSH term "Foot Deformities"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code N/A
SNOMED-CT Term Deformity of foot (finding) Concept ID: 229844004
OCOSH Code: D005530 229844004 FD
Hand Disorders and Deformities (178)
Hand Disorders (Conditions) and Deformities
MeSH Term "Hand"[mesh] with subcategories/qualifiers
ICD-10 Code N/A
SNOMED-CT Term Disorder of hand (disorder) Concept ID: 118933004
OCOSH Code: D006225 118933004 HD
Informatics (26)
Resources on the organization, availability, management and utility of information in Orthopaedics
MeSH Search Term "Informatics"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code n/a
SNOMED-CT Term n/a Concept ID:
Synonyms -
OCOSH Code: D048088 OIT
Inherited Disorders (16)
Websites with accounts of inherited disorders that affect the musculokeletal system.
MeSH Term "Genetic Diseases, Inborn"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Q00-Q99 Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities
SNOMED-CT Term Hereditary disease (disorder) Concept ID: 32895009
OCOSH Code: D030342 32895009 Q00-Q99 ID
Investigations (633)
Internet resources relating to the investigation of orthopaedic cases
MeSH Term "Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code (investigations not coded)
SNOMED-CT Term Evaluation procedure (procedure) Concept ID: 386053000
Synonyms - Patient evaluation procedure
Clinical investigation
Evaluation procedure (procedure)
Evaluation procedure
Clinical evaluation
OCOSH Code: D019937 386053000 INV
Joint Diseases (650)
Joint Diseases
MeSH Search Term "Joint Diseases"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M00-M25 Arthropathies
SNOMED-CT Term Arthropathy (disorder) Concept ID: 399269003
Synonyms - Arthropathy (disorder)
Joint disorder
Joint disease
Disorder of joint
OCOSH Code: D007592 399269003 M00-M25 JD
Muscular Diseases (228)
Diseases of Muscle
MeSH Search Term "Muscular Diseases"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M60-M63 Disorders of Muscle
SNOMED-CT Term Disorder of skeletal muscle (disorder) Concept ID: 75047002
OCOSH Code: D009135 75047002 M60-M63 MD
Musculoskeletal Abnormalities (29)
Internet resources relating to Musculoskeletal Abnormalities. Congenital structural abnormalities and deformities of the musculoskeletal system. (not otherwise classified)
MeSH Search Term "Musculoskeletal Abnormalities"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Q65-Q79 Congenital malformations and deformations of the musculoskeletal system
SNOMED-CT Term Congenital anomaly of musculoskeletal system (disorder) Concept ID: 73573004
Synonyms - Congenital anomaly of musculoskeletal system
Congenital deformity of musculoskeletal system
Congenital musculoskeletal abnormality
Congenital anomaly of musculoskeletal system (disorder)
Congenital malformation and deformation of the musculoskeletal system
Congenital abnormality of musculoskeletal system
OCOSH Code: D009139 73573004 Q65-Q79 MSA
Nerve Compression (56)
Internet resources relating to Nerve Compression Syndromes. Mechanical compression of nerves or nerve roots from internal or external causes.
MeSH Search Term "Nerve Compression Syndromes"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code G56 Mononeuropathies of upper limb
G57 Mononeuropathies of lower limb SNOMED-CT Term Compression injury of nerve (disorder) Concept ID: 84116009
Synonyms - Compression injury of nerve
Pinched nerve
Crushed nerve
Compression injury of nerve (disorder)
OCOSH Code: D009408 84116009 G56 G57 NC
Neurological Disorders (13)
Internet Resources relating to the Orthopaedic aspects of neurological disorders.
MeSH Search Term "Nervous System Diseases"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code G00-G99 Diseases of the Nervous System
SNOMED-CT Term Disorder of nervous system (disorder) Concept ID: 118940003
OCOSH Code: D009422 118940003 G00-G99 ND
Orthopaedic Equipment (31)
Internet Resources relating to Orthopaedic Equipment.
MeSH Search Term "Orthopedic Equipment"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Z46.7 Fitting and adjustment of orthopaedic device
SNOMED-CT Term Orthopedic device (physical object) Concept ID: 16349000
OCOSH Code: D009983 16349000 Z46.7 OE
Orthopaedic Oncology (632)
Benign and malignant tumors affecting bone, cartilage, muscle or other soft tissue of the limbs and axial skeleton
MeSH Search Term "Neoplasms by site"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code C00-D48 Neoplasms
SNOMED-CT Term Neoplasm (morphologic abnormality) Concept ID: 108369006
OCOSH Code: D009371 108369006 C00-D48 OO
Orthopaedic Procedures (813)
Internet Resources relating to orthopedic procedures and operations
MeSH Search Term "Orthopedic Procedures"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code n/a
SNOMED-CT Term Operation on musculoskeletal system (procedure) Concept ID: 112697007
OCOSH Code: D019637 112697007 OP
Rehabilitation (11)
Measurement, assessment and rehabilitation of orthopaedic and related musculoskeletal disability. Therapy for recovery.
MeSH Search Term "rehabilitation"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code Y85-Y89 Sequelae of external causes of morbidity and mortality
See also Z50 Care involving use of rehabilitation procedures
SNOMED-CT Term Disability (finding) Concept ID: 21134002
See also Rehabilitation therapy (regime/therapy) 52052004
OCOSH Code: D012046_52052004_Z50_R
Systemic Disorders (55)
Systemic disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system
ICD-10 Code M36 Systemic disorders of connective tissue in diseases classified elsewhere
SNOMED-CT Term Systemic disease (finding) Concept ID: 56019007
No equivalent MeSH term or unique ID
OCOSH Code: 56019007 M36 SD
Trauma (1481)
Internet resources relating to Trauma, Wounds and Injuries
MeSH Search Term "Wounds and Injuries"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code S00-T98
SNOMED-CT Term Injury of musculoskeletal system (disorder) Concept ID: 105606008
Synonyms - Musculoskeletal injury
OCOSH Code: D014947 105606008 S00-T98 WI


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Rural Orthopaedics in Africa

Location: https://tspace.library.utoronto.ca/bitstream/1807/4104/1/am04038.pdf

The Role of rutal orthopaedic and trauma assistants in improving rural orthopaedic and trauma care Annals of African Medicine 3(3) 2004 Highlights the problems caused by insufficient medical care and care from traditional bone setters

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SOA Orthopedic Care

Location: http://www.orthopediccare.net/

Ambitious attempt to post a full text peer reviewed textbook written by specialists. Only a few chapters were completed. Southern Orthopaedic Association

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Standards in Pediatric Orthopaedics

Location: http://www.global-help.org/publications/books/help_standardspedortho.pdf

Standards In Pediatric Orthopaedics: Tables, Charts, And Graphs Illustrating Growth
This began as a simple project: to compile a few graphs and charts that are particularly helpful in the day-to-day practice of pediatric orthopaedics. Growth curves, bowleg/knock-knee charts, the Green & Anderson growth-arrest chart for the distal femur and proximal tibia,...

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The Bone School

Location: http://boneschool.com.au

An online orthopaedic textbook. Designed for orthopaedic trainees and other interested parties. Covers all topic for fellowship examination. Based in Australia

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The Doctors Doctor

Location: http://www.thedoctorsdoctor.com/home.html

This site is run by pathologists who want to help patients understand their test results and diagnoses. The physicians on our staff can interpret the results for you, in plain English. This will help you make better informed healthcare decisions.

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The Easter Seal Guide To Childrens Orthopaedics

Location: http://www.global-help.org/publications/books/help_eastersealorthopaedics.pdf

Children's orthopaedics can be an easy and satisfying field for the family physician. This simple guide, which can be read in an evening, provides just enough information to do it with style. The emphasis is on solving everyday problems; the details of the care of once-in-a-lifetime cases are left for...

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Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Location: http://www.steinergraphics.com/surgical/006.html

In Surgical Care at the District Hospital. WHO publication
Publication of the World Health Organization aimed at developing medical systems. Clinical procedures e-learning toolkit

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Vascular Occlusive Syndromes of the Upper Extremity eMedicine Orthopedics

Location: http://www.emedicine.com/orthoped/topic362.htm

Although upper extremity vascular disorders are less common than lower extremity disorders, upper extremity vascular disorders affect approximately 10% of the population. Causes of vascular compromise include acute trauma; chronic conditions, such as repetitive microtrauma; and systemic diseases involving metabolic processes, autoimmune processes, or both. General symptoms following vascular compromise...

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Wikipaedics Textbook of orthopaedics

Location: http://wikipaedics.com

Wikipaedics is a web-based, free-content Textbook of Orthopaedics based on an openly editable model. The name "Wikipaedics" is a Portmanteau of the words Wiki (a technology for creating collaborative Websites, from the Hawaiian word wiki , meaning "quick") and Orthopaedics .

Wikipaedics is written collaboratively by registered orthopaedic surgeons volunteers...


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Location: http://www.worldortho.com

Orthopaedic Portal Site
This interactive web site was started by Professor RL Huckstep and Dr Eugene Sherry in 1997. It features a wealth of information and services. We strive to provide the most comprehensive and modern educational, research and patient care orthopaedic service in the world. This is important as there is a...

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WorldOrtho Syllabus

Location: http://www.worldortho.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1894&Itemid=357

Orthopaedic Syllabus for Medical Students
Orthopaedic Syllabus for Registrars & Residents
Features for Undergraduates and Postgraduates working in Developing Countries
Provides an entry to many of the features on the World Ortho Site.

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