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Thoracic Injuries
[OCOSH Code: D013898 262525000 S22 WI_THI]

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Flail Chest (0)
Internet resources relating to Flail Chest. A complication of multiple rib fractures, rib and sternum fractures, or thoracic surgery. A portion of the chest wall becomes isolated from the thoracic cage and exhibits paradoxical respiration.
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ICD-10 Code S22.5 Flail chest
SNOMED-CT Term Flail chest (disorder) Concept ID: 78011002
OCOSH Code: D005409 78011002 S22.5 WI_THI_FC
Penetrating Chest Injuries (0)
Internet resources relating to Penetrating Chest Injuries
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ICD-10 Code S27.2 Traumatic haemopneumothorax
SNOMED-CT Term Puncture wound of chest (disorder) Concept ID: 283524003
See also Traumatic pneumohemothorax with open wound into thorax (disorder) Concept ID: 73477001
OCOSH Code: D013898 283524003 73477001 S27.2 WI_THI_PCI
Rib Fractures (0)
Internet resources relating to Rib Fractures
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ICD-10 Code S22.3 Fracture of rib
S22.4 Multiple fractures of ribs
SNOMED-CT Term Fracture of rib (disorder) Concept ID: 33737001
OCOSH Code: D012253 33737001 S22.3 S22.4 WI_THI_RF