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[OCOSH Code: D013180 105611005 T14.3 WI_SS]

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Ankle Sprains (7)
Internet resources relating to Ankle Sprains, Ligament Injuries of the Ankle
MeSH Search Term "Sprains and Strains"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code S93.4 Sprain and strain of ankle
SNOMED-CT Term Sprain of ankle (disorder) Concept ID: 44465007
Synonyms - Sprain of ankle
Sprain of ankle joint
Ankle sprain
Sprain of ligament of ankle joint
Sprain of ankle (disorder)
OCOSH Code: D013180 44465007 S93.4 WI_SS_A
Cumulative Trauma Disorders (2)
Internet resources relating to Cumulative Trauma Disorders
MeSH Search Term "Cumulative Trauma Disorders"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M70.9 Unspecified soft tissue disorder related to use, overuse and pressure
SNOMED-CT Term Repetitive strain injury (disorder) Concept ID: 4308002 Synonyms - Repetitive strain injury
Repetitive strain injury (disorder)
RSIS - Repetitive strain injury syndrome
RSI - Repetitive strain injury
Repetitive strain injury syndrome
OCOSH Code: D012090 4308002 M70.9 WI_SS_CTD