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Internet resources relating to Bone Lengthening
[OCOSH Code: D001852 288057006 OP_BL]

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Distraction Osteogenesis (3)
Internet resources relating to Distraction Osteogenesis
MeSH Search Term "Osteogenesis, Distraction"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code n/a
SNOMED-CT Term Filling of segmental defect by compression-distraction (procedure) Concept ID: 178997004
OCOSH Code: D019857 178997004 OP_BL_DO
Ilizarov Technique (2)
Internet resources relating to the Ilizarov Technique of bone lengthening
MeSH Search Term "Ilizarov Technique"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code n/a
SNOMED-CT Term External fixation using circumferential rings (procedure) Concept ID: 257844008
Synonyms - External fixation using Ilizarov system
OCOSH Code: D018889 257844008 OP_BL_IL


Bone lengthening with extra-articular arthrodesis of the hip using external fixation


This is a case series of 11 children and adolescents who underwent femoral lengthening and percutaneous hip arthrodesis using a method of extra-articular joint compression in combination with callotasis. Clinical review indicated a significant improvement in physical function and psychological well-being. The average lengthening was 5.3 cm or 16% of...

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