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[OCOSH Code: D009222 3434004 G71.1 MD_MYOT]

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Myotonia Atrophica (0)
Myotonia Atrophica
OCOSH Code: D009223_MD_MYOT_MA
Myotonia Congenita (1)
Myotonia Congenita
OCOSH Code: D009224_MD_MYOT_MC


Non-dystrophic Myotonias Medscape


The non-dystrophic myotonias are an important group of skeletal muscle channelopathies electrophysiologically characterized by altered membrane excitability. Many distinct clinical phenotypes are now recognized and range in severity from severe neonatal myotonia with respiratory compromise through to milder late-onset myotonic muscle stiffness.
The Non-dystrophic Myotonias: Molecular Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Treatment E....

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