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Myositis [OCOSH Code: D009220 26889001 M60 MD_MYOS]

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Dermatomyositis (0)
Internet resources relating to Dermatomyositis. A subacute or chronic inflammatory disease of muscle and skin, marked by proximal muscle weakness and a characteristic skin rash.
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ICD-10 Code M33 Dermatopolymyositis
SNOMED-CT Term Dermatomyositis (disorder) Concept ID: 396230008
Synonyms - Dermatomyositis (disorder)
Wagner-Unverricht syndrome
Polymyositis with skin involvement
DM - Dermatomyositis
OCOSH Code: D003882 396230008 M33 MD_MYOS_DM
Inclusion Body Myositis (1)
Internet resources relating to Inclusion Body Myositis. Progressive myopathies characterized by the presence of inclusion bodies on muscle biopsy. Sporadic and hereditary forms have been described. The sporadic form is an acquired, adult-onset inflammatory vacuolar myopathy affecting proximal and distal muscles. Familial forms usually begin in childhood and lack inflammatory changes.
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ICD-10 Code M60.8 Other myositis
SNOMED-CT Term Inclusion body myositis (disorder) Concept ID: 72315009
Synonyms -
OCOSH Code: D018979 72315009 M60.8 MD_MYOS_IBM
Myositis Ossificans (30)
Internet resources relating to Heterotopic Ossification, Myositis Ossificans.
MeSH Search Term "Myositis Ossificans"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M61 Calcification and ossification of muscle
SNOMED-CT Term Muscular ossification (disorder) Concept ID: 44551007
Synonyms - Muscular ossification
Myositis ossificans
Muscle ossification
Muscle calcification
Muscular calcification
Muscular ossification (disorder)
See also SNOMED 128491006 Heterotopic ossification (finding)
OCOSH Code: D009221 44551007 M61 MD_MYOS_MO
Polymyositis (0)
Internet resources relating to Polymyositis. Diseases characterized by inflammation involving multiple muscles. This may occur as an acute or chronic condition associated with medication toxicity; CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASES; infections; malignant NEOPLASMS; and other disorders.
MeSH Search Term "Polymyositis"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code M33.2 Polymyositis
SNOMED-CT Term Polymyositis (disorder) Concept ID: 31384009
OCOSH Code: D017285 31384009 M33.2 MD_MYOS_PM


Deltoid Fibrosis eMedicine Orthopedics


Deltoid fibrosis is a muscle disorder marked by intramuscular fibrous bands within the substance of the deltoid muscle. These bands lead to secondary contractures that affect the function of the shoulder joint. Scapular winging and secondary scoliosis also may be related to this condition. Deltoid fibrosis has been associated with...

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Proloferative Myositis Wheeless


Discussion: - benign condition usually occuring in adults, but sometimes in children; - may present as a rapidly growing mass, in the shoulder, thigh, and chest; - Histology: - should not show mitotic figures;

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