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Muscle Rigidity
[OCOSH Code: D009127 16046003 G20-G26 MD_MR]

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Parkinson Disease (4)
Internet resources relating to orthopaedic aspects of Parkinson's Disease. A progressive, degenerative neurologic disease characterized by a tremor that is maximal at rest, retropulsion (i.e. a tendency to fall backwards), rigidity, stooped posture, slowness of voluntary movements, and a masklike facial expression.
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ICD-10 Code G20 Parkinson's disease
SNOMED-CT Term Parkinson's disease (disorder) Concept ID: 49049000
Synonyms - Parkinson's disease
Paralysis agitans
Idiopathic parkinsonism
Primary parkinsonism
Shaking palsy
Parkinson's disease (disorder)
Idiopathic Parkinson's disease
Parkinson disease
PD - Parkinson's disease
OCOSH Code: D010300 49049000 G20 MD_MR_PK
Stiff Person Syndrome (1)
Stiff Person Syndrome
MeSH Search Term "Stiff-Person Syndrome"[mesh]
ICD-10 Code G25.8 Other specified extrapyramidal and movement disorders
SNOMED-CT Term Stiff-man syndrome (disorder) Concept ID: 5217008
Synonyms - Stiff-man syndrome
Moersch-Woltmann syndrome
Gamma neuron overactivity syndrome
Stiff-man syndrome (disorder)
Moersch-Woltman syndrome
Stiff man syndrome
OCOSH Code: D016750 5217008 G25.8 MD_MR_SMS